My recent interview with the creators of Bushwick Film Festival for WSN!

The Highlighter

by Brittany Spanos

bushwick film festival, bff, 2012, interview

It’s been five years since NYU graduates Kweighbaye Kotee and Laree Ross, both 29, took up residency in Bushwick, Brooklyn with their artsy and unique film festival. Since then, the pair have seen some of the works they have championed gain momentum (like the documentary “Beijung Punk,” which gained a distribution deal). With their grassroots ideals and devotion to making the experience as welcoming to both the artists and the audience, Bushwick Film Festival has truly created a unique festival experience.

Five years may not be an incredibly long time, but hopefully these passionate film aficionados will be haunting that ‘hood for years to come with BFF, a celebration of independent film, music, and art that will be breathing life into Brooklyn all weekend long. I had the opportunity to interview these ladies about their current festival and their five-year journey to this very event.

What attracted…

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